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EDITORIAL: No comeback

After two years since the Perspective released its last tangible issue of the paper, we are here to finally set the records straight: the Perspective is not coming back.

The UPLB Perspective, which is considered as one of the primary student institutions in the University, has played a significant role in promoting the democratic rights of the students and other relevant sectors since 1973. Tracing its roots from the early publication Aggie Green and Gold, the Perspective has since took a critical, unshaken, progressive stance.

However, the student publication, no matter how crucial the part it plays for the students, is still no exemption from unrelenting challenges. From its establishment in the martial law era, where it saw various human rights violations; to the rise of fiscal issues, which resulted to streaks of unpublished papers—various barriers have placed themselves in front of the paper one after the other to impede its operations. Nonetheless, the UPLB Perspective remained with an undaunted spirit despite being hard hit with several setbacks.

In fact, the Perspective remained to be vigilant even with limited access to its funds—and it will remain this way as this is the mandate of the students to the paper.

Similar to the storm that has recently swept through the region; various issues also bombard the students. The University Housing Office (UHO) has continuously smacked the students with repressive Dorm policies which are mostly imposed without proper student consultation. The Student Organizations and Activities Division of the Office of Student Affairs (SOAD-OSA), on the other hand, have been trying to subdue student organizations with its new proposed rules for org recognition which contains strict requirements that are rather needless and impractical—a threat to the students’ right to peaceably assemble.
State universities and colleges (SUCs) are also confronted with several struggles. Threats of commercialization, budget cuts, and tuition hikes under the current administration are still lurking. In fact, In Aquino’s latest SONA, he had relentlessly evaded the talk on the issue of the SUCs’ budget status. Also included to the concerns that burden the students are various national issues such as the current pork barrel scam involving a staggering PHP10 billion that could have been utilized for rather more essential things than to just going straight to the hands of the greedy.

It is in this light that the students must remain vigilant in order to ensure that the people get the education—the right—they actually deserve.

In the midst of all these issues, we would like to reiterate the point that the Perspective is not coming back—primarily because in the first place, it never left. Despite the lack of a tangible student paper, we have persistently made efforts to voice out the concerns of the students through alternative means—be it through social media, be it through wall posts, or be it through photocopied issues. The Perspective will be here to remain.

As we face another school year, it is expected that the students will also be greeted by several challenges. The battle will be an arduous one, but we are not to take it alone—for the battle of the UPLB Perspective is not just our own battle, but rather the battle of the whole studentry. Therefore we encourage you—the students—to join the struggle, to dare to act, and dare to voice out your concerns.

There could be no other sweeter way to celebrate our fourth decade than by continuing the fight of those who struggled to establish this paper during the martial law era. With this stance, the Perspective will be willing to endure four more decades, and even more than that. For as long as the need for student representation exists, the UPLB Perspective shall never settle.

Expect us. [P]

UPLB Perspective is the official student publication of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, established in 1973. It is the first campus publication established under Martial Law in the Philippines.

3 comments on “EDITORIAL: No comeback

  1. Hi Perspective,

    First of all, a raised clenched fist to all of you for continuously informing the students of what they need to know despite all these financial burdens that you are facing. Despite the lack of a physical newspaper, you were able to harness other means to serve the students.

    No matter what the situation is, you have tirelessly dedicated yourselves to the pursuit of truth. Despite all the opposition, you remained a relentless force.

    We do hope that you guys continue your service to the students even though you cannot publish a physical broadsheet anymore. In this age of unrelenting technology, social media is a powerful tool that may be harnessed as well. You have already shown how you do it – via Twitter, Facebook, and blogposts. Continue to build on this so that the UPLB community is continuously aware of the surroundings.

    Padayon, [P]!


    Geo Robrigado
    UPLB alumnus
    former (ex-officio) member, UPLB-USC

  2. HJQMendoza

    Bale, saan na napupunta ang P40 sa P45.50 na student fund?

  3. Reblogged this on PraxiS and commented:
    Not dead yet.

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