UPLB USC Twitter account apparently hacked

[FIRST UPDATE: May 31, 2014] The official Twitter account of the UPLB University Student Council got the attention of online UPLB students after it posted a series of malicious tweets Thursday night against some of its past and present members, and candidates in the 2014 USC elections.

Details on when the tweet attack started are still sketchy. However, as of 10:16pm, incumbent USC Chair Arthur Holt posted on USC’s Twitter account that everything is now under control.


In a statement sent to [P], Holt confirmed the fix. “Yes, it’s me already. Sobra akong nagulantang sa pangyayari. I am trying my best to get in touch with the incoming USC,” he said.

When sought for comment, former College of Development Communication representative to the USC Love Baurile said she “hope[s] that it will serve as a lesson” to the incoming student council.

“This is not just an issue of respecting USC. It’s also an issue of respecting the entire student body,” said Von Yacob, former CDC student council chair.

Both Baurile and Yacob were tagged in malicious tweets.

The Perspective is still waiting for comments from others tagged in the malicious tweets and from the USC. [P]

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