CDC-SC Vice-Chair Samonte takes leave; Councilor Batbaatar to temporarily take over


The College of Development Communication Student Council (CDC-SC) has officially confirmed that its Vice-Chairperson, Paoloregel Samonte, will be taking a leave of absence this first semester.

Samonte is currently at the National University of Singapore for an exchange program.

However, in an open letter posted online on Sunday, August 18, Samonte clarified that he is still a bona fide student of the University.

“Going on an exchange program for a semester does not entail withholding the position entrusted to me by the college. Technically, I am still a bona fide student of the university in an exchange program with NUS, and therefore still have the right to keep my position as the CDC Vice Chairperson,” he said.

He added: “My physical absence does not have to interfere in the performance of my duties in the office. There are numerous ways in which I can still contribute to the goals of the student council, even if I am away. Rest assured that I would be working with the rest of the council members’ day in and day out in the fulfilment of our mandate.”

CDC-SC has also announced that Mushi Batbaatar, the number one councilor in the 2014 college elections, will serve as the officer-in-charge for the vice-chairman position. Samonte said in his letter that he will be back in office next semester.

Article VII, Section 7 (e) of the 1984 Constitution of the University of the Philippines Los Baños Student Council states that whenever there is a temporary vacancy, “the Student Council may choose replacement that shall discharge the duties of the member until he returns.” [P]

1 comment on “CDC-SC Vice-Chair Samonte takes leave; Councilor Batbaatar to temporarily take over

  1. it’s just sad that student council members may have forgotten the student council’s orientation of being in the forefront of students struggles. inuuna pa ang kanilang mga sariling ambisyon! back in our time, mas marahas ang panunupil sa mga student councils kaya sila talaga ang may karapatang tawaging lider-estudyante.

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