#NeverAgain | Students commemorate ML with lights, call to end impunity


[FIRST UPDATE: 10:26pm, Sept. 22] The UPLB community, through UPLB Perspective, the official student publication, and various campus organizations, commemorated the 42nd anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law through a Blackout Protest tonight, September 22, at the Carabao Park.

John Paul Omac, associated editor of [P], said in a remark that 40 years have passed, but several elements of Martial Law are still in effect. This, despite the restoration of democracy in 1986, toppling the Marcos dictatorship.

In another remark, Anakbayan-Southern Tagalog’s Diego Torres reminded people about Marcos’ military and its several parallels today.

The student council of the College of Human Ecology, and university organizations such as UPLB Development Communicators’ Society, Sigma Alpha Nu, UPLB Writers’ Club, Umalohokan, Inc., Gabriela Youth-UPLB, League of Filipino Students-UPLB National Union of Students of the Philippines-Southern Tagalog also joined the commemoration. [P]

An ongoing timeline exhibit about Martial Law is installed at the Carabao Park. Everybody is free to visit and install art and literary works in the exhibit. For participation in the exhibit, visit UPLB Perspective at Rm. 11, Student Union Building; send us an email at; or send us a message on Facebook and Twitter.

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