#UPLBElections2015 | IN FULL: BUKLOD-UPLB General Plan of Action

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Platforms of government, or as more known in the UPLB election landscape, general plan of action, lay down a political party’s concrete plans and projects should they win in the polls. UPLB Perspective is publishing in full the general plan of action of the two political parties running for the University Student Council elections.]

“Establishing an empowered and united University Student Council that truly advances Integrity, Initiative and Involvement”
As we embody our battlecry, “Ituloy Natin UPLB”, we take our campaigns and advocacies to another level. This year, we aim to intensify our calls and actions as we continue the victories that we have been able to achieve for the past years. We have seen how we were able to unite the students in relevant campaigns that are geared towards the advancement of student’s rights and welfare. It is not the time to stop.
Throughout the years, we have also faced different obstacles that tried to deter our unities, our course of action towards genuine progress. But through our relentless efforts and indomitable commitment to render quality service, we were able to surpass ourselves in order to deliver countless milestones in the spirit of service to the campus and to the nation.
Now as we enter a new era of leadership, let us seize this forthcoming opportunity to define our generation. Let us not go back to the culture where no one puts premium in knowing the issues that surround the campus or to the times when we succumb to our fears of speaking up and insisting relevant change. Now, we will rise up.
Now is the time to continue what the studentry has triumphantly marked the history – the victories that our unities have achieved. This year, Ituloy Natin UPLB!
We in BUKLOD believe that the University Student Council together with the students has already proven the power of collective actions, which is why your BUKLOD USC recognizes that we must continue to preserve these unities by sustaining the INTEGRITY of relevant activities and advocacies and even in all operations of the student council. These activities shall maintain the core relevance and public character of the student council while putting premium in our primal goal to advance the interests of the students.

  • iTERC – To maintain the integrity or relevance of the Textbook Exchange and Rental Center as a quality resource center, your BUKLOD USC together with TERC will further maximize its accessibility through creating online catalogues of available books in order to orient the students of the obtainable books located in TERC.
  • USC Tidbits – In order for students to be always updated with the happenings in the general assemblies of the USC, your BUKLOD USC will release a concise and condensed version of the minutes of the meetings in the form of tidbits–USC Tidbits.
  • Budget Watch – Your BUKLOD USC will also ensure that financial reports are regularly released to show fiscal transparency
  • TransparenSC – Your BUKLOD USC recognizes that in order for the USC to continue quality service without compromise, its members must be academically intact which is why through this venture we will closely monitor each member’s scholastic performance for the betterment of their personal growth as individuals and the USC as a whole.
  • Sanggunian – Your BUKLOD USC will continuously maintain the Sanggunian, the official newsletter of the USC, by regularly releasing issues every semester
  • USConnect – To further uphold the integrity of the council that is an institution for the students, your BUKLOD USC will maximize existing mechanisms like SMS, social media accounts and offline platforms in bringing the council to the students as well as to serve a free medium where students can voice out their grievances.
  • PReview (Policy Review) – Your BUKLOD USC shall conduct policy reviews with regards to the relevant issues concerning the welfare of the students and of the people in general through consultations with the concerned parties.
  • Orgs UP 2.0 – Recognizing the hindrance of a long and arduous recognition process, your BUKLOD USC will lobby for the passage of a more democratic and pro-student Organization Recognition Guidelines.
  • Speak up. Speak UP. – Your BUKLOD USC has always been for the amplification of the student’s grievances and takes on issues that directly affect them. To maintain the integrity of the student council, we will always make sure that your student council takes a stand on every issue that is being hurdled to our ranks

We in BUKLOD stand firm that nation-building starts with the INITIATIVE to act and to do significant steps towards effecting positive change in our society. We shall and always
promote innovative ideas that will eventually contribute to the wellness and development of our people. Thus, we believe that we shall be the catalysts in order to see the change we have long hoped for.

  • ISCa Para Sa Bayan – Your BUKLOD USC will establish the Inter-Sorority Council that will promote unity among sororities and serve as an active avenue to empower women. This will also serve as an avenue wherein the sororities could voice out their concerns to the USC.
  • Student Represent! – The USC, along with the CSCs, would ensure the inclusion of student representatives to various college committees that will serve as consultative representation of the students on their policy-making decisions to their respective colleges.
  • USC Archives – Your BUKLOD USC will collect existing and future documents of the council for an accountable and transparent leadership. These documents can be proved useful for future reference of the council. Softcopies and hardcopies will be made available to ensure the continuity of the project.
  • Marooned – Your BUKLOD USC will amplify the voice of our varsity teams and address the concerns of our athletes and performers. We will call for a stronger support for them and if possible, lobby scholarships to those outstanding athletes or performers who bring pride to our university.
  • G-CaF! (Career Fair for Graduates) – Your BUKLOD USC will initiate a career fair that will cater graduating students of the university. The fair will prepare our graduates in dealing with job interviews to different companies.
  • University Job Fair – in partnership with the concerned administrative office of the university, we will conduct a job fair that will surely aid our graduating students in preparation for their life outside college.
  • Oplan Handa – Your BUKLOD USC, along with CSCs, concerned organizations, and government units, will organize a disaster risk reduction and management system that will facilitate disaster preparedness, relief operations, and rehabilitation efforts.

We in BUKLOD believe in making things happen rather than waiting and relying on someone else to do so. Hence, we shall instill upon every individual the awareness of taking
responsibility to initiate and influence others to begin societal change – responding immediately and knowledgeably to the pressing needs of time. It is in this note that your BUKLOD USC sees the importance to strengthen the relationship between the students and the council in order to elevate the participation of the students in governing the course of action of the student council. Through concrete activities, we aim to fortify the INVOLVEMENT of each Iskolar ng Bayan, Para sa Bayan.

  • MagBuklod Tayo – Your BUKLOD USC will continue to empower and institutionalize student alliances such as the University Freshmen Council, Alliance of Dormitory Associations, Alliance of Varsitarian Organizaions, and the Inter-Fraternity Council among others, to promote camaraderie among organizations and fraternities and strengthen the unity among the students on various projects and issues within and outside the university.
  • Volunteer Corps – Your BUKLOD USC will introduce the Volunteer Corps as a leadership training program where volunteers could serve as a team of leaders that may conduct activities and campaigns that address pertinent issues.
  • CaSaLi – Your BUKLOD USC will strengthen the Council of Student Leaders as an avenue for organization heads and individuals to discuss pertinent issues and create campaigns that will involve the whole studentry.
  • University Pride Week – Your BUKLOD USC will hold a week-long series of activities and campaigns along with individuals, organizations and office that promote gender equality. We shall continue to recognize and celebrate the struggles and victories of this sector by having this event aiming to create awareness and sensitivity to the community with regards to gender.
  • University Freshie Week – Your BUKLOD USC will be having a week-long series of activities and campaigns for the New Freshman that will increase their awareness on current social issues.
  • ISKOmustahan/ISKAmustahan – Your BUKLOD USC will conduct public assemblies in dormitories and colleges to connect with the students in such a way that they will be involved. Public forums and discussions of pressing issues will be done in order to inform the studentry and to know their take on the issues.
  • Iskolarangan – Your BUKLOD USC recognizes the public character of a true Iskolar, one who participates on the issues of the campus and the nation. Through the Iskolarangan, we
    aim to nurture this Iskolar culture through relevant activities such as education discussion, congressional lobbying, unity actions, and such.
  • Campaigns – Your BUKLOD USC will continue on advancing campaigns for the welfare of the students and the nations.
    > All Rights Reserved – We will intensify the campaign for human rights and increase efforts in raising awareness and participation of the students and other members of UPLB community against human rights violations.
    > UPLB Goes Green – You BUKLOD USC will educate and empower not just the UP students but also nearby communities about urgent environmental issues through information drives and interactive activities.
    > Konseho Para Sa Masa – Your BUKLOD USC will conduct community immersions and multi-sectoral consultations to integrate the council to the unyielding issues of the people.

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