Ilagan to lead USC sans vice-chairperson

breaking[FIRST UPDATE: 10:27pm, April 24] This year’s UPLB University Student Council and College Student Council (USC-CSC) elections concluded with only 25.92% of the student population voting, or only 2578 out of 9943 students.

The voter turnout remained low despite the extension of the voting period during the second day to 5pm for college precincts and 7pm for the major precinct at Humanities building.

John Joseph “JJ” Ilagan of Samahan ng Kabataan para sa Bayan (SAKBAYAN) won the chairpersonship with 1319 votes.1259 students opted to abstain.

Meanwhile, with 1477 voters abstaining, Dannette “Dante” Sunga failed to bag the position of vice-chairperson. Sunga garnered 1101 votes.

During the meetings of the Central Electoral Board (CEB), it was discussed that in case a position remained vacant owing to a higher number of abstain votes, a snap election will be conducted immediately.

The new USC councilors are as follows:
Maria Angelica Abanilla, SAKBAYAN (843 votes)
Francis Andrei De Sagun, SAKBAYAN (729 votes)
Ervin Gandicela, SAKBAYAN (764 votes)
Sean Javier, SAKBAYAN (776 votes)
Marc Julian Manongdo, INDEPENDENT (987 votes)
Patricia Mae Mayor, SAKBAYAN (1088 votes)
Karl Benz Montesines, SAKBAYAN (820 votes)
Alfredo Palasin, SAKBAYAN (752 votes)
Peter Michael Separa, SAKBAYAN (807 votes)
Jasper Sunga, SAKBAYAN (882 votes)

The voter turnout per college is as follows:
CAFS – 35.55%
CEAT – 29.07%
CHE – 24.20%
CHE Online – 17.95%
CAS – 25.75%
CEM – 32.01%
CVM -34.09%
CDC – 48.90%
CFNR – 58.62%
GS -1.88%
The scheduled election proper was on April 18-19. However, the second day of the election was moved to April 24 due to a power outage in the campus last April19. #UPLBvotes

WORDS: Caren Malaluan

UPLB Perspective is the official student publication of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, established in 1973. It is the first campus publication established under Martial Law in the Philippines.

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