Five councilors suspended from CFNRSC

The College of Forestry and Natural Resources Student Council (CFNRSC) gave a directive on five councilors to temporarily vacate their positions due to violations committed under Art. XV, Section 2 of the Governing House Rules, which concerns the negligence of the internal procedures and responsibilities of the members.

All the remaining council members agreed to suspend Councilors Jumaribo Penuliar, Alexis Thea Flordeliz, Mikaella Morada, Lorraine Anne Quiñones, and John Lendle Bardillon on the CFNRSC special meeting held on February 17, 2020.

The said complaint rooted from the suspension letter raised by Chairperson Richelle Tapulao, along with Councilors Martin Advincula, Gean Celestial, Bea Dichoso, and Karlos Fernandez, as they found probable cause to suspend the councilors.

To expound, the said provision constitutes the following reasons that became the basis for the suspension of the said councilors — neglect of duty, inability to reply to internal communications despite being contacted through various means, willful violation of the Governing House Rules, and accumulation unexcused absences.

The body approved a 10-day suspension order to the aforementioned members, paired with a condition that the councilors must participate in all the activities and meetings and should not commit any further violations during and after the suspension otherwise it will be a ground for impeachment or permanent vacation of post. [P]

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