Labor group declares Duterte ‘unfit’ to lead country

A day after the resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe due to his health problems, labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) called out Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to follow suit.

In a statement from August 25, the labor group urged Duterte to resign from his post as the President of the Republic of the Philippine, in the same vein as other international leaders due to perceived incompetence in facing the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Ang kanyang pagkatuta sa mga dayuhan, paniniil at pagpatay sa mga mamamayan, at ang patuloy na pagnakaw niya sa kaban ng bayan ang mga pangunahing rason kung bakit dapat siyang alisin sa kapangyarihan,” Jerome Adonis, secretary general of KMU said. 

The KMU described Duterte as “medically and politically unfit to lead the country,” adding that he  should admit his administration’s incompetence.

“Duterte, wag mo nang ipilit ang sarili mo dahil hindi mo naman talaga kaya. Palayain mo na ang sambayanan mula sa pagpapabaya at pagpapahirap mo. Resign,” Adonis dared.

Days after Duterte denied going to Singapore for medical treatments, he revealed on his televised address that his Barrett’s esophagus is ‘nearing stage one’.

Aside from his esophagus, Duterte admitted that his age is taking a toll on his body, and said that he was not sure if he can still make it until the end of his term in 2022.

In response, KMU released a commentary by Elemer “Ka Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson. After Duterte admitted that he is suffering from an esophagus ailment that may progress to stage one cancer, the labor group proposed for the Vice President to take charge and introduce significant reforms to address the economic crisis.

“Duterte must listen to the voice of the people who have had enough of his rule. He must resign immediately and give the people the much needed relief amid a pandemic and economic crisis,” Labog appealed.

A little unwell

Duterte himself admitted to have continued drinking brandy, despite warnings from his doctors last 2018.

“I don’t know, for one reason or another, I just like to drink. Brandy boy ako eh. Iyan ang totoo. And before I sleep, even if I’m alone, nag-three shots ako bago matulog,” Duterte said back in 2018.

According to him then also, Duterte claimed to have taken endoscopy and colonoscopy, but were not enough to sway Cardinal Santos Medical Center doctors.

In response, the house expressed interest in holding press conferences to update the public on Duterte’s wellbeing, with Presidential Speaker Harry Roque, Jr. explaining that the editing of the conferences was to omit scenes that are “not for public consumption.”

Although Duterte expressed that his well being is not a matter of public discussion, Section 12 of Article VII in the 1987 Constitution made it explicit that the president is required to divulge such information. [P]

Photo from Kilusang Mayo Uno

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