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‘Pag kumontra ka sa kanya, kalaban ka na’

> In the span of nine months, Chancellor Sanchez asked to repair his house for 33 times, in exchange for the replenishing of materials sourced from Tanqueco’s PPMSO.

> When Tanqueco started to refuse Chancellor Sanchez’s orders, he said that this is where Sanchez’s “personal vendetta” started.

Part 1: Chancellor Sanchez ‘lied’ to the BOR in his proposal to abolish Dr. Tanqueco’s office. Aside from this, Tanqueco and Palanca shows proof that benefits entitled to them were delayed.

[P]robe is the Perspective’s investigative reporting team.

By Ian Raphael Lopez and Noreen Donato

Former Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development Dr. Ruben Tanqueco, and former Human Resources Development Office Chief Joselito Palanca, in several interviews with the Perspective, clarified many questions regarding their cases versus UPLB Chancellor Fernando Sanchez Jr., especially on what has transpired before all things went sour.

In his complaint affidavit dated March 14, 2016, Sanchez accused Tanqueco of insubordination after the latter supposedly denied the request for the materials and the conduct of repairs in the UPLB housing facilities.

But Tanqueco told the Perspective that he did not commit insubordination under Sanchez.

“The order given to me was to repair the house [the Chancellor] was occupying… inoorderan ako na mag-release ng maraming materials,” he explained.

“[Ang] insubordination ay magpo-process lang if the order was lawful…  I have plenty of letters to him informing him that housing units are not within our mandate. So, there is an office having that maintenance, that is the University Housing Office (UHO),” he added.

In 2008, it was explicitly agreed in the Board of Regents that the UPLB Housing Office covers all the housing units in UPLB. This includes Chancellor Sanchez’s house, Tanqueco says.

Tanqueco explained that the BOR approved and explicitly stated in its 1232nd meeting in 2008 that UHO mandates include all housing units in UPLB. “Never in our turf that university housing ay kasama,” Tanqueco said.

He admitted, however, that he had been signing these requests in the outset of Sanchez’s term because it was the Chancellor’s orders, and that Sanchez promised to replenish the utilized materials from the PPMSO. 

“Kasi Chancellor ang nag-uutos, wala kang choice,” Tanqueco said.

Not even a nail

In files examined by [P], it shows that Tanqueco has obliged Sanchez’s repairs for 37 times, from February to November 2015 (see above). After that, Tanqueco said he stood firm and refused to sign any more documents requesting for the repairs.

According to him, the Chancellor reneged on his agreement to replenish the said materials: “Not even a nail when I was there!”

“Inabuso nila ang PPMSO. Inubos ang laman ng bodega just to please him.”

Tanquenco, in a separate interview, explained that there was no easy way to explain the situation.

“Papaano mo ipaliliwanag? Lahat kasi ng job orders sa opisina namin merong numbers ‘yan. Every month meron kang reporting, anong materials ang nagamit. Anong report ang gagawin ko d’yan? Saan ko dadalhin ang materyales?” Tanqueco said.

Meanwhile, Tanqueco wrote a letter to each member of the BOR to report this, saying that it violates the civil service laws but received no response.

“I gave them copies, each member of the Board of Regents. In-ignore nila lahat. Walang nangyari. It’s all because of politics… that’s what you call brotherhood,” he said.

Tanqueco and Palanca called Sanchez a “vindictive” leader. Photo by Dianne Sanchez

Personal vendetta

Tanqueco claimed that most of the problems stemmed from Sanchez’s “personal vendetta” against him.

Sanchez was an assistant of Tanqueco during his term as Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development from November 2005 to December 2011. 

He was then promoted as Vice Chancellor in 2011, while Tanqueco went back to his post as PPMSO director.

Tanqueco stated that Sanchez claimed he was “maltreated” during his stay in OVCPD.

“Sinasabi n’ya raw nung time na ako ang boss n’ya ay hiniya ko s’ya sa maraming tao. Wala akong natatadaan na ginawa ko sa kanya ‘yon,” Tanqueco told [P].

Tanqueco added, “Ever since na assistant ko s’ya kung may ginawa man s’yang palpak, kinakausap ko s’ya nang personal, one on one sa opisina ko.” 

When Sanchez was elected in 2014, the Chancellor asked a “trusted employee” to check the validity of Tanqueco’s appointment as PPMSO director. The trusted employee, in pursuit of the order, went to then HRDO administrator Palanca.

“But Mr. Palanca said ‘Eto oh, may appointment letters… legal ‘yan, hindi nila makukwestiyon ang position ko’,” Tanqueco narrated.

The “trusted employee”, which Tanqueco revealed is a current Vice Chancellor but refused to disclose the identity of, warned him of Sanchez’s moves.

Tanqueco also said that Palanca was relieved from his HRDO post as a fallout of the grave oral defamation case.

“’Pag kumontra ka sa kanya, kalaban ka na,” he said. 

Tanqueco and Palanca then asserted that Sanchez should not be given another chance to be the UPLB Chancellor.

“Kung kaya n’yang gawin ang lahat ng ‘yan sa director ng PPMSO at sa chief ng HRDO, lalo na sa maliliit,” Tanqueco ended. [P]

Read Part 1 here.

UPLB Perspective is the official student publication of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, established in 1973. It is the first campus publication established under Martial Law in the Philippines.

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