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Camacho leads polls

Only a day until UPLB welcomes its latest chancellor, candidate Camacho continues his winning streak in polls.

Amid controversy, until UPLB welcomes its chancellor, candidate Dr. Jose Camacho, Jr. yet again dominates the polls. This time, in a September 14 survey from the Perspective.

The online survey was opened for all UPLB constituents, including students, alumni, faculty members, and Research, Extension, and Professional Staff (REPs) among others.

Forms response chart. Question title: 3. Who do you think should be the next chancellor?. Number of responses: 99 responses.
LANDSLIDE. Online poll recently conducted by the Perspective showed that at least 96% of respondents prefer Camacho as the next UPLB chancellor.

Answered by 99 respondents, mostly students and university alumni, Graduate School (GS) dean Camacho wins by a landslide, with a staggering 96% in the polls. Meanwhile, co-candidates chancellor incumbent Dr. Fernando Sanchez, Jr. and Dr. Patrick Alain Azanza scored only a single percent of the polls.

It also inquired about the respondents’ platform, where they based their answers from. These included the Presentation of the Vision, Plans, and Programs of the Nominees for UPLB Chancellor last August 5, Samahan ng Kabataan para sa Bayan’s (SAKBAYAN) Pagliyab 2020: The Chancellor Selection Forum last August 22, and two of the Perspective’s special [P] Live episodes.

In all three platforms, both Azanza and Camacho spoke about their plans on possible terms, as well as addressing allegations raised against each of them.

It should also be noted that Sanchez, who is seeking a third term despite massive upheaval from several university constituents and especially those affiliated with the No to Third Term Coalition (N3TC), declined to participate in Pagliyab 2020 and to be interviewed for [P] Live.

Those who chose in favor of Camacho reiterated that he embodied the ideal pro-student leader that the university needed. 

For student Nizelle Visaya, she saw that Camacho’s plans, which have been showered with praise from both students and faculty members alike for its goal of ‘future-proofing’ in favor of the constituents’ betterment, would be able to accommodate everyone’s needs.

“Out of the 3 nominees, I think Camacho’s visions are the most inclusive for the constituents of UPLB[,] leaving no one behind. I just hope that when he officially becomes the chancellor of the university, he can genuinely uphold his promises of being a pro-student and pro-people leader that we all need,” she said.

Freshman Charlyn Triñanes found it comforting that someone like Camacho could be caring for the university.

“As a freshman, I would feel at ease, knowing that an empathetic and visionary leader would become the chancellor of the university for the next few years,” she said.

Camacho has had a large number of supporters from within the university, with those vying for his chancellorship extending their support through social media campaigns. A sentiment that was reflected in the survey.

Supporters of Camacho came to his defense in the midst of accusations raised by unknown parties regarding his affiliation with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), specifically bringing-up the alleged “nepotism” surrounding him and CHED chair Prospero de Vera, due to sharing the “de Vera” name. Said users also put into question his confirmed endorsement from Sen. Imee Marcos as the next UPLB chancellor.

Camacho addressed all issues with the Perspective, in that he clarified he had no familial ties with Prospero de Vera, and that he had no control on who endorses him for chancellor.

Although Azanza supported Camacho when he posted his statement, he later messaged the Perspective that he is challenging Camacho to denounce the endorsements.

“If indeed Dong Camacho or his camp did not solicit that support from the Marcoses, I challenge him to stand up this early for the UPLB Constituents and write directly to Senator Imee Marcos to DECLINE and OPENLY REJECT said [e]ndorsement by Imee Marcos as no one will believe that there will be no strings attached in this Imee Marcos [e]ndorsement[,] especially that people know that Dong hails from Northern Philippines[,] which is a Marcos bailiwick,” Azanza said.

The Perspective is set to cover the announcement this September 24, in a special episode of [P] Live. [P]

Photo from UPLB eSPALEKLEK/Facebook and UP Photos

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