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‘How do we perform intimacy in resistance?’: Pananaw XIV is calling for submissions

Pananaw is the official folio of UPLB Perspective. For its fourteenth volume, Pananaw is now accepting written and visual submissions.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced us into nationwide lockdowns, many people have left their usual spaces while others were forced to retreat further into solitude. The increasing socio-economic and emotional burden that has been plaguing Filipinos even before President Rodrigo Duterte took office has peaked once again as we are left with no choice but to fend for ourselves. Such instances force us to rethink how we can remain intimate as we continue to fight a regime that keeps pulling us apart.

Resistance also lies in the small pockets of our community where intimacy and familiarity found in these spaces allow us to be more urgent and precise with the needs of its small margins. It is in these nooks and crannies that we understand how even the smallest actions can still be part of the bigger picture and have just as profound and meaningful impact. Further, through sharing even the most intimate parts of ourselves are we only able to trust, relate with one another, and make collective action against oppressive regimes stronger.

Thus, for our fourteenth issue, we are opening Pananaw for submissions that respond to the question, “How do we perform intimacy in resistance?” From our efforts to establish relationships within our shared advocacies to our direct participation in the relief efforts for devastated communities, Pananaw XIV aims to tap into these different spaces where intimacy is crucial for resistance to thrive. We are interested in works that are specific and personal to one’s self and immediate community, as well as works that explore collective action despite the growing distance between one another.

Pananaw XIV aims not just to make sense of the world around us through art and literature, but also offer hope and solutions, as well as a reminder that we need to stay closer in order to navigate where we can further go from here.

Submission guidelines

PANANAW accepts submissions from registered students for AY 2020 – 2021, alumna, employed faculty and staff of UPLB. We are accepting written and visual works in English and Filipino: from poetry, short stories, literary and critical essays, one-act plays, and/or screenplays to illustrations, comics, photographs, mixed media, and/or visual art in any other medium. We do not, however, accept entries that have been previously published in other publications.

Text submissions must be attached as .DOC or .PDF files, please indicate if the text is to be printed in a specific format. There is no required font style, size, spacing, and word count.

For visual submissions, all works must be attached as an image file (.JPEG/.PNG/.IMG/.PDF) with an aspect ratio of 7:5 or 5:7 per page and a resolution of 300dpi. Please indicate the title, medium, and dimension (for non-digital works) and include a 3-5 sentence description of your work.

Only one (1) submission per person will be accepted. Collaborative works are allowed. All contributors must attached the following information in the email:

  • Full name/s
  • Course & college,
  • Student number (for registered students)
  • Email address
  • Brief bio note of not more than 250 words
  • Links to web portfolios and/or social media

Please submit your entries/inquiries to with the subject line “PANANAW SUBMISSION: [Title of submission], [Full name/s]”

Deadline for submissions is on November 13, 2020.

We will acknowledge submissions and inquiries within a week. Submissions will be reviewed by editors on the basis of readability and correspondence to the folio’s theme. Please take note that not all contributions will be published in the folio.

You can view Pananaw’s previous issues here: [P]

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