UPLB events, initiatives to look forward to this week

Orgwatch is an initiative by UPLB Perspective that aims to strengthen its efforts in promoting a pro-student and well-informed community.

This week, know all the fund-raising initiatives led by Serve The People Brigade (STPB), Rise for Education Alliance (R4E) UPLB, and UP Cell Biological Society (UP CELLS) and be informed on how to show your support; learn more about the web-based search service started by the UP Internet Freedom Network; and catch up on the vlog series produced by the UPLB Com Arts Society.

CELL-BISYONG Pangkalusugan: a donation drive for Los Baños healthcare facilities

Publication material from UP Cell Biological Society/Facebook

UP CELLS, in coordination with STPB, seeks to increase collective efforts by reaching out to individuals and organizations to show their support to their cause. An ongoing fund-raiser by the academic organization aims to help healthcare workers withstand the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last October 4, they launched the donation drive, “CELL-BISYONG Pangkalusugan,” that aims to centralize monetary donations and medical supplies that will be provided to healthcare facilities around Los Baños, Laguna. The collected amount and supplies shall be sent to the beneficiaries effectively on October 31. Individuals and organizations can help through the following: 

For monetary donations, refer to the details below:

BDO: 0069 8035 4271
Gcash: 0956 5103 579
Tyrese Johnel Jumpay

BPI: 0919 3217 41
Landbank: 1896 3523 65
Alexander Kent Opulencia

For in-kind donations, you may contact the organization at or message their Facebook page.

You may also contact Cristel Marie L. Perez at 0905 474 9509 for inquiries.

STPB’s fund-raiser for COVID-19 patients

Publication material from Serve The People Brigade UPLB/Facebook

STPB has been in the forefront of COVID-19 relief through its initiative, Task Force Community Unit Response (CURE). As an organization dedicated to public service, they were successful in uniting all the efforts of the UPLB community to provide relief goods, warm meals, and hygiene kits to stranded students and other community stakeholders in Barangay Batong Malake.

Still in line with their goals, they launched a donation drive for COVID-19 patients in Los Baños, Laguna. This initiative aims to raise funds in order to help the patients meet their physiological and psychosocial needs during their recovery. 

For monetary donations, refer to the details below:

LANDBANK: Mariah Joy B. Dela Providencia (SA 1896 3525 73)
GCASH: 09533081839

For questions and/or clarifications, you may contact them through their Facebook page or reach them through these numbers: 09270169307 / 09533081839.

Catch UP!, a vlog series reminiscing Elbi culture

Publication material from UPLB Com Arts Society

Catch the four-episode vlog series by the UPLB Com Arts Society titled, “Catch UP!”, where a diverse pool of students recall their usual routines and most-cherished memories in Elbi.

As UPLB students are apart from the mean time due to the pandemic, they can’t help but feel a certain kind of yearning. UPLB Com Arts Society came up with a way to relive the Elbi experience through an online video series where bits and pieces of experiences are discussed and narrated by the students themselves. 

“Through this series, we aim to evoke the collective nostalgia of those who have experienced life in the university town,” said Ileana Acervo, a resident of the academic organization.

Watch the first episode titled, “Buhay Elbi,” premiered last September 25, where students talked about their life and what they miss the most in Elbi. It was followed by “Course Wars”, which was released last Friday, discussing the various stereotypes that come with the students’ respective colleges. 

According to the organization, the series is also a great way to introduce the nuances of Elbi life to those who are new to the campus.

Tune in to their next episodes by following their social media accounts!

Twitter: A free web-based search service for students 

Publication material from UP Internet Freedom Network/Facebook

UP Internet Freedom Network launched the free web-based search service, “,” for students and other community stakeholders in Los Baños, Laguna. Established amid the pandemic, the organization advocating for internet freedom aims to give people an access to free and quality information. 

To avail of the service, students can use free data on Facebook Messenger to send a search request to the page of They only need to provide some basic information along with their questions as well as some keywords that the volunteers will search for them.

Students can send search requests from Monday to Friday, starting from 3 PM until 10 PM. Sent questions that exceeded the service hours will be entertained on the next operating schedule. is still on its test run, and thus the volunteers behind the initiative can only accept 50 search requests every day until October 30. 

Individuals can sign up as volunteers for this initiative by accomplishing this form: For inquiries, you may contact Merwin Jacob Alinea at

Access the page of the initiative through here.

Akay Isko: A fund-raiser to provide financial and hardware assistance to students

Publication material from Rise for Education UPLB/Facebook

R4E UPLB launched the initiative, “Akay Isko,” to help UPLB students who are in need of financial and hardware assistance in online classes amid the pandemic. 

The continuation of classes left the students with no choice but to proceed in the hope of not being left behind. However due to the lack of resources and support from the administration and the national government, students face the harsh reality of the difficulties of online classes in the middle of a public health crisis. The Akay Isko project ensures that no student should be deprived of learning and guarantees to meet the needs of the students. In line with their calls #NoStudentLeftBehind and #UPLBWalangIwanan, the alliance is committed in their duty to collectively lobby for quality education that is free and accessible to all. 

For monetary donations, refer to the details below:

LANDBANK: Gean Celestial (2786 1351 85)
GCASH: 0966 369 0363
BPI: Fatin Albani (9529151249)

For in-kind or gadget donations, you may contact the alliance at 0927 270 4102.


Orgwatch is an initiative by UPLB Perspective that aims to strengthen its efforts in promoting a pro-student and well-informed community. Each week we curate a list of events, webinars, activities, donation drives, and campaigns led by student organizations that we think you need to know. 

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