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[P] announces new EIC, editorial board

Student publication UPLB Perspective announced their latest editor-in-chief last November 3. 

The editorial exam, the first to be done remotely, composed of four parts: news and editorial writing, layout making, and an interview with the search committee.

After taking the editorial exam last October 16, Mark Ernest Famatigan, Batch ‘18 of BS Agricultural and Applied Economics came out as the victor, succeeding former EIC Juan Sebastian Evangelista, Batch ‘15, BA Philosophy. Features editor Michael James Masangya, Batch ‘18 of BS Economics, and production editor Ian Raphael Lopez, Batch ‘19 of BS Development Communication also took the exam alongside Famatigan.

Spearheaded by Dr. Evelie P. Serrano of the Institute for Governance and Rural Development (IGRD) for College of Public Affairs and Development (CPAf), the search committee for the editorial exam also included Prof. Luisito Abueg of the Department of Economics (DE) – College of Economics and Management (CEM) and Prof. Pauline Estella of the Department of Humanities (DHum) – College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

University Student Council (USC) chairperson Jainno Bongon and vice-chairperson Angelo Aurigue were also part of the search committee.

On where he sees the publication heading under his term, Famatigan reiterated that the Perspective will stand firm with their “pro-people, pro-student” stance.

“We reaffirm the pro-people, pro-student position of the Perspective. In a time when our country and region is struck by disaster [because of] the administration’s incompetence, now more than ever do we need to strengthen our advocacy coverage,” he commented.

In addition to Masangya and Lopez, Famatigan are among the publication’s new editorial board, with the full roster listed as follows:

Mark Ernest Famatigan (Editor-in-chief)
Batch ‘18
BS Agricultural and Applied Economics

Sonya Mariella Castillo (Associate editor)
Batch ‘18
BS Mathematics

Felipa Cheng (Managing editor)
Batch ‘18
BA Communication Arts

Dianne Joy Catheryne Sanchez (Managing editor)
Batch ‘13
BS Civil Engineering

Reuben Pio Martinez (News editor)
Batch ‘19
BS Development Communication

Michael James Masangya (Features editor)
Batch ‘18
BS Economics

Sophia Lorena Pugay (Culture editor)
Batch ‘18
BA Philosophy

Ian Raphael Lopez (Production editor)
Batch ‘19
BS Development Communication

Cyril Chan (Photos editor)
Batch ‘15
BS Electrical Engineering

Jermaine Valerio (Graphics editor)
Batch ‘19
BS Biology

Gerardo Laydia, Jr. (Layout editor)
Batch ‘19
BS Development Communication

Patrice Bianca Yapjoco (Online editor)
Batch ‘19
BS Agriculture

Kennlee Orola (Opinion editor)
Batch ’19
BS Agricultural Biotechnology

Kenneth Rementilla (Orgwatch editor)
Batch ‘15
BS Development Communication

James Jericho Bajar (Business manager)
Batch ‘14
BA Philosophy, and

Aesha Justin Dominique Sarrol (Circulation officer)
Batch ‘19
BS Economics [P]

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