LIST: Relief efforts for Typhoon Ulysses victims to join or donate to

Note: This list is regularly being updated. Click here to view another list of initiatives for those affected by the typhoons.

Due to Typhoon Ulysses and the previous devastation of the consecutive typhoons from the past weeks, many communities in Luzon are still experiencing the aftermath of major floods and massive losses in life and property. Here are some relief efforts that aim to aid the victims.

Call for donations for affected communities in Isabela and Cagayan Province

Publication material from UP Engineering Radio Guild/Facebook

The UP Engineering Radio Guild appeals to individuals and organizations for monetary donations for typhoon victims in Cagayan and Isabela. All proceeds will be sent to The Youth Initiative Philippines, an organization formed in response to the growing threat of the pandemic. The monetary donations will be used to purchase canned goods, bottled water, medicines, and hygiene kits for the affected communities. If you wish to donate, kindly follow the steps as indicated in their post: 

Step 1. You may deposit in any of these payment methods:

BPI account
Lance Patrick Alarcon

BDO Account
Hajhari Lim

Landbank Account
Liezel R. Marquez

Paymaya Account
Hajhari Lim
0995 489 0897

GCash Account
Brandon Mitchel Solano
0926 076 1752

Step 2. Kindly send a photo of your receipt/payment slip to their official page so you can track your donations. 

The UP ERG-LB will give updates as to what is happening in their initiative. The organization also attached emergency contact details of various offices in Cagayan and Isabela that can also be viewed in through links: and

“Bangon Luzon” donation drive for victims of Typhoons Ulysses and Rolly

Publication material from UP Theta-Epsilon Sorority UPLB/Facebook

UP Theta-Epsilon Sorority UPLB launched the donation drive, “Bangon Luzon,” which aims to help to recover from the adversity brought by Typhoons Ulysses and Rolly. The sorority also calls on every individual and organization to refuse resiliency and demand accountability from government officials because of their inactions and negligence amidst the calamities. You may extend your help through the following: 

For cash donations, you may refer to the bank accounts provided below:

China Banking Corporation
Johanna Pauline Villanueva

Johanna Pauline Villanueva

Charlene Niebres

Danielle Dedicatoria
1094 2069 7491

BDO Unibank
Danielle Dedicatoria

Melanie C. Ramos


Kindly send a proof of transfer to their official Facebook page or email for tracking purposes. 

As for in-kind donations, you may send them a message or contact Marian at (0977) 204 7910f for drop off and pick-up arrangements near or in Marikina City. 

“BAHAYnihan” fundraiser for rebuilding of houses for typhoon victims in Libmanan, Camarines Sur

Publication material from UP Community Broadcasters’ Society/Facebook

UP Community Broadcasters’ Society (ComBroadSoc), in cooperation with Libmanan for Reform, Accountability, Transparency & Empowerment (LIBRATE) and Saradit na Kristyanong Komunidad Farmers’ Corporation (SKKFC), launched the donation drive, “Project BAHAYnihan: Pusog na Harong, Pusog na Tarabanga,” which aims to raise funds for the rebuilding of houses for the typhoon victims in Libmanan, Camarines Sur. All collected monetary donations will be used to purchase materials needed in building strong calamity-proof houses for the families. You may refer to the bank details below: 

Beatriz Aguila
0995 948 3343

Neisel Lyca Petiza
2616 1814 27

Neisel Lyca Petiza
8839 1520 87

Kindly send your proof of transaction to the official page of the UP ComBroadSoc or to any members of the organization. For inquiries and concerns, kindly contact Neisel Lycal Petiza at 0945 168 9335 or email Their initiative will operate until December 30, 2020. 

“Bugso” benefit gig for Barangay Sineguelasan, Cavite

     Publication material from UP Silakbo/Facebook

UP Silakbo is organizing an online benefit gig entitled, “BUGSO: A UP Silakbo Benefit Gig,” on November 21. All proceeds will go to the families affected by the fire incident in Barangay Sineguelasan, Cavite, and typhoon victims in Tuguegarao, Cagayan. The music organization aims to provide aid to the community through the donations that will be collected on their event. 

The benefit gig will feature bands and artists including Lemlunay, Trailing Noises, blupoint, GREET THE END, Hey, Billie!, and Hidlaw. 

You may help the communities recover through donating. Refer to the bank details below: 

Mark Joshua C. Cosico

Mark Joshua Cruz Cosico

Angelo Superal
0966 314 5573

Call for donations and volunteers for the benefit of typhoon survivors

Publication material from UP Broadway Company/Facebook

UP Broadway Company, in partnership with the Serve The People Brigade (STPB) UPLB, is conducting a donation drive for the benefit of the victims of typhoon Ulysses and affected communities of Marikina, Cagayan, Isabela, and Tuguegarao. The proceeds will be  UPLB Agapay, the university’s disaster response task force, spearheaded by (STPB) UPLB, UPLB Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA), UPLB University Student Council (USC), All UP Academic Employees Union – Los Baños (AUPAEU-LB), and UPLB Ugnayan ng Pahinungod.

You may send your donations to any of the following:

Jochebed Awa-ao

Jochebed Awa-ao

Naomi Mikaela Dano

Once you have sent your donation, kindly fill up this google form to confirm for tracking:

You may also check your donation on our transparency report here:

Should you want to help as a volunteer, sign up now using this link:

Publication materials from Kulturang Ugnayan ng Kabataan Alay sa Bayan (KULAYAN) UPLB/Facebook

Kulturang Ugnayan ng Kabataan Alay sa Bayan (KULAYAN) UPLB launched the donation drive, “Oplan Bigay Kulay,” in partnership with UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company, Karma Komiks, The Rhetoricians, and Game On. This initiative aims to provide in-kind and monetary relief for the survivors of the recent calamities. 

According to the alliance, Oplan Bigay Kulay’s first leg will be raising funds for our hardworking farmers facing the harsh aftermath of Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses.

For donations in kind, you may inquire with their page as to where these can be donated.

For monetary donations, please refer to the list below:

Kirsten Denise Cruzado Santos – 09263927005
Korina Irish Gentolizo Chantengco – 09557898239

Kirsten Denise Santos – 9909258224

Korina Irish Chantengco – 012527 10000 14443

Gilda L. Mora – 004870379670

Jannah Mae Arevalo 3466164860

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