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UPLB events, initiatives to look forward to this week

This week, join educational discussions on Cryptocurrency and tackling climate change through artificial intelligence; engage in a webinar for disaster preparedness for animals; learn about the current trends on horticulture through an online symposium; and join a relief operations program for farmers or extend help through donating. 

Educational discussion: Peer-to-peer Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Publication material from UP Internet Freedom Network

The UP Internet Freedom Network will hold an online educational discussion on Cryptocurrency this February 19, 2021 at 8 PM via Discord. Data analyst Manuel Balmeo will talk about Cryptocurrency, its importance, and how it provides an alternative to how governments and banks control our monetary transactions. 

This event is free for all. You may sign-up now through

“Vet-ter Informed” A webinar on disaster preparedness for animals and pets

Publication material from UP Veterinary Medical Students’ Society/Facebook

In times of disasters amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, animals and pets are ones of the most vulnerable and therefore should be taken care of properly. The UP Veterinary Medical Students’ Society advises pet owners to participate in “Vet-ter Informed,” a webinar on disaster preparedness for animals to be held this February 19, 2021 from 7-9 PM.  

Join them as they celebrate UPLB VetMed Week and Responsible Pet Owners Month with a webinar that teaches you how to be more capable of taking care of your beloved pets and animals to keep them safe in an event of a disaster. 

The entrance is for free and anyone can register through this link: Exciting games and prizes also await! For inquiries and questions, you may message them on their official Facebook page

“Fostering Horticultural Practice to Boost Agricultural Productivity” an online symposium

Publication material from UP Horticultural Society/Facebook

UP Horticultural Society invites you to its Online Symposium in line with its 47th year Anniversary week-long celebration with the theme,

“Fostering Horticultural Practice to Boost Agriculture Productivity,” which will be held on February 20, 2021 at 4 PM via Facebook Live.

Those who are interested to learn about the current trends on horticulture are welcome to join and watch. There will also be games and prizes prepared for the participants. 

Publication material from Serve The People Brigade – UPLB/Facebook

Relief operations program at Hacienda Yulo

The farmers of Hacienda Yulo still face harassment and violence at the hands of the Ayala corporation and Yulo family, thus we need to stand with them in asserting their human rights. 

The Serve The People Brigade (STPB) UPLB, in partnership with UPLB Agapay, will hold another relief operations program for the farmers of Hacienda Yulo on February 20-21. 
To those willing to extend their help by volunteering, kindly sign-up through this link:

Call for donations for the farmers of Hacienda Yulo

Publication material from UPLB Society of Electrical Engineering Students/Facebook

As part of the celebration of UPLB Society of Electrical Engineering Students’ (SELES) 23rd Founding Anniversary, their organization will carry out their annual outreach program with the theme “UPLIFT,” to dignify and to provide relief and comfort, on February 20-21, 2021.

UPLB SELES joins Serve The People Brigade – UPLB and UPLB Agapay in providing necessary aid to the farmers and families affected by the tension in Hacienda Yulo. With this, they are knocking on your kind hearts for additional monetary or in-kind donations to sufficiently support this noble cause of serving humanity during these troubled times.

For in-kind donations, you may drop them off directly at the UPLB Student Union Building. 

Educational discussion: Tackling Climate Change Through Artificial Intelligence

Publication material from UP Ecology and Systematics Major Students Society/Facebook

UP Ecology and Systematics Major Students Society (ECOSS) will help you start-up your journey in being a steward for the people and environment through their educational discussion that will happen during their orientation this February 20 at 2 PM via Zoom. 

The discussion aims to share ideas on how to make smarter climate decisions through the role of artificial intelligence in global climate action. The organization and their event are open to all courses. You may register now at:

For inquiries, you may contact Jehla Alcantara at 0977 270 6254.

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