UPLB events, initiatives to look forward to this week

This week, participate in an open discussion on CryptoArt; join an educational forum on the Philippine government’s response to COVID-19; cast your votes for the USC-CSC elections; support the call in making our university a safe haven for academic freedom and peace; and continue extending a helping hand to the victims of the Bloody Sunday. 

Call for donations for Laguna 5

Publication material from Anakbayan UP Los Banos/Twitter

Anakbayan UPLB is calling for donations for the activists who were illegally arrested in Laguna. This month, five activists namely, Ramir Corcolon, Arnedo Lagunias, Elizabeth Camoral, Nimfa Lanzanas, and Steve Mendoza were filed with trumped-up charges amidst the crackdown on Southern Tagalog where there were several mass arrests and killings. 

The comprehensive national democratic mass organization, Anakbayan UPLB, would like to ask for help in either financial or in-kind support in order to give aid to the victims. If you are interested to extend a helping hand, you may refer to the follow details: 

Ariane Elevencione

Almoro E.

For in-kind donations, Anakbayan UPLB said that the victims are in need of non-perishable food items, masks, alcohol, and medicine. As for more inquiries, you may contact them through this number: 0997 065 2602. 

An educational discussion on the Philippine Government’s COVID Response 

Publication material from Serve the People Brigade – UPLB/Twitter
Publication material from Serve the People Brigade – UPLB/Twitter

The country recently marked its first year since the implementation of militarized lockdown nationwide that exposed the Duterte regime’s brutal and inefficient COVID-19 response. In line with this, Serve The People Brigade (STPB) UPLB will launch an educational discussion on the Philippine government’s response to the pandemic on March 20, 2021, at 4 PM via Discord. 

Join the humanitarian organization that has been leading student-led relief operations in the university since the Taal volcano eruption last year as they discuss why the crisis is worsening and not being resolved by the Duterte administration. 

STPB also posted a short infographic that shows what the government did under the one-year lockdown.

 If you are interested to participate, you may register through this link:

An open discussion on Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) and Alternative Platforms

Publication material from UP Internet Freedom Network

Following up to their earlier educational discussion on cryptocurrency, the UP Internet Freedom Network presents another initiative entitled, “WTF is #CryptoArt: An Open Discussion on NFTs and Alternative Platforms.” 

Their speaker will be Juan Iya, an NFT Enthusiast, who will introduce cryptoart and instruct how to upload works through the alternative platform Hicetnunc. UP Internet Freedom Network President and independent artist Mac Andre Arboleda will be moderating the discussion, and share his reflections on this new development, including its potential for artist support and environmental impact. 

Join them this Friday on March 19 at 8 PM via Zoom. The event is free and open to all. If you are interested to participate, you may register through this link:

For inquiries, you may contact them at 

Updates on the UPLB Safe Haven Multisectoral Dialogue-Negotiation

Publication material from YAPJUST – Youth Advocates for Peace with Justice/Facebook

The Youth Advocates for Peace with Justice (YAPJUST), together with the UPLB University Student Council (USC) and the All UP Academic Employees Union – Los Baños (AUPAEU), engaged in a dialogue-negotiation today with the UPLB Administration, represented by Chancellor Jose Camacho, VCSA Janette Silva, VCCA Roderto Cereno, and Asst. to the VCAA Roselle V. Callado to discuss and formally agree on a joint resolution ensuring that our university will remain a safe haven for academic freedom and peace amidst the abrogation of the UP-DND accord. 

Through the dialogue, the negotiating panel which included YAPJUST, USC, and AUPAEU, managed to secure the support of the UPLB administration in uniting with the call. According to one Facebook post of YAPJUST, they were able to come up with the following resolutions:

1. The UPLB Admin will sign the legal declaration of peace drafted by the organizations.

2. The UPLB Admin will coordinate with the Union and student institutions in upholding acad freedom, HR, and civil liberties in the campus. 

3. The Office of the Chancellor (OC) will release a public statement regarding any event that may threaten the freedom and other rights of students, teachers, REPS, workers, and all other UPLB constituents.

4. UPLB will create programs such as facilitating legal assistance, instituting a multi-sectoral constituent-based quick response team, conducting paralegal training, and leading the public discourse to uphold democracy and freedom.

5. The University will open its gates and will provide a safe space for neglected masses and will maintain its integrity as a safe zone for activities aligned with the University’s values and historic mandate to serve the people.

YAPJUST added that the joint resolution is being reviewed by the Legal Affairs Office of UPLB and is set to be signed later by the representatives of YAPJUST, USC, AUPAEU, as well as VCSA Janette Silva, VCCA Roberto Cereno, and VCA Bello. Meanwhile, Chancellor Camacho is expected to release a statement in support of the resolution, and it will be presented in the upcoming University Council to be institutionalized as a university policy in UPLB. However, due to an urgent meeting regarding new COVID-19 cases in the university, the UPLB administration rescheduled the dialogue-negotiation’s resumption to 7 AM tomorrow.

Publication material from YAPJUST – Youth Advocates for Peace with Justice/Facebook

Publication material from YAPJUST – Youth Advocates for Peace with Justice/Facebook

Cast your votes now for the USC-CSC elections

Publication material from UP Vote/Facebook

We have until tomorrow to vote, Iskolar ng Bayan! Make sure to check your email for your voting credentials and log in to vote! The poll will officially close on March 19 at 4 PM. For guidance, you may refer to the following instructions: 

1. Go to any time between March 16, 9AM to March 19, 4PM

2. When asked for a username and password upon clicking the link, enter the WEBPAGE credentials given to you via email.

3. Upon entering the UP Halalan website, input your LOGIN credentials. This will also be provided to you through email.

4. Make sure you have voted for all the USC-CSC positions. After verifying your votes, input the required CAPTCHA phrase then click the “Cast” button.

Reminders: Please check your UP email inbox or spam in order to obtain your voting credentials and read the reminders from the UPLB Election Administrators. If you did not receive your voting credentials please send an email to and attach your Form 5 or SAIS Student Center screenshot. 

If you have voting problems, send an email to the email address above or call/text 0995 025 2047 or 0908 785 4027 regarding your concerns.

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