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[P] launches digitalization project to contextualize, build parallels between past events, current social issues

Editor’s note (August 6, 2021): “Archiving” in the headline is changed to “digitalization” to fit the story better.

Archives will also be accessible through UPLB Main Library’s digital platform.

To preserve the rich history of student movements and social issues, UPLB’s official student publication UPLB Perspective (stylized as [P]) launched their archiving project for all issues published in Issuu and other past printed releases. 

Through digitalizing, [P] will be able to reupload past articles that have regained relevance. The publication will also send soft copies of past releases to the UPLB Main Library in line with the latter’s digital archiving project.

Michael James Masangya, former [P] Features Editor and current archiving team head, noted the importance of archiving in line with discussing contemporary issues. He said that this project will not just preserve past articles and issues but will also be a part of the process of “historicization of past events and people”.

“[Ito rin ay para magkaroon ng] contextualization ang mga isyu ng lipunan, at pagpapakita ng mga parallelism sa kasalukuyang panahon,” Masangya explained.

Plans for the project

The archiving team will be composed of [P]’s incoming apprentices for Midyear Term 2021 and volunteer [P] staffers. Masangya confirmed that there are currently six people included in the project.

Although it will be eventually carried out by future [P] apprentices, Masangya said that they have started the project right away so that there would be an established system and master plan ahead of the apprenticeship process.

In terms of workflow, the team will be transcribing articles found in past [P] releases  and individually publishing them on the official website of the publication. This will allow future staffers of the publication to repost stories that would be relevant for a certain event.

As for the digital archiving, the soft copies of published releases in Issuu will be submitted to the UPLB Main Library. The latter will then digitize its physical [P] issues. With the campus library’s project of digital archiving, readers may be able to access past releases in their online platform.

Masangya and the team aim to finish the project within the First Semester of Academic Year 2021-2022.

Moving forward in the digital age

Alongside the publication’s project, the UPLB University Library also launched the UPLB Knowledge Digital Repository (UKDR) Projects that aim to maintain comprehensive archives for future references. The project would construct an in-house media database wherein the materials are digitized and are put in a web-based platform so that everyone can easily access such issues. 

“[UKDR] was conceptualized because of the necessity of keeping all UPLB intellectual outputs intact in a portal that will ensure a comprehensive database of University knowledge that can always be accessible, retrievable, and available even for years to come,” UPLB University Library wrote.

The content of UKDR includes capstone theses, dissertations, journal articles, professorial chair lecture, book reports, artifacts, yearbooks, newsletters and bulletins. The latter is what [P] will contribute to by archiving its past releases and issues.

UPLB University Library launched a webinar through their Facebook page to present further information about UKDR. [P]

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