NOTE: This is an archived story originally published on UPLB Perspective Vol 11 Issue 2, on July 10, 1984.

THE ERA OF APATHY IS OVER. The time for a more active studentry has begun. Today, we witness quantitative changes in the student front and qualitative leaps in our struggle. With the present student fees hike issue, we have seen how a participation Of a few hundreds of students ballooned into thousands. Likewise, while students just stood in awe at a protesting few in former years, we have witnessed hundreds storming the Administration 

“Rumble-famous” fratmen have now directed energy to student welfare issues. One could still recall how semesters ago they were an unknown force in student movements. But now, even fraternity archrivals have buried the hatchet as they offered their able hands in marshalling the students’ ranks during protest movements. 

Sororities have also been doing their part. They have evolved from the usual group segregation, and rubbed elbows with the militants. 

So with the academic organizations, who decided to step out of the apolitical and academic confines and lift their book-buried heads to learn new things in a “wider university.” 

Even the freshmen, scholarly refused to be silent. The student organizations, whether fraternities, sororities or academic —coming together to oppose the student fee hike is a sign of a forthcoming storm. Organizing this initially organized sector of the studentry is just the beginning. The task of reaching out to the studentry not belonging to any of the student organizations is still far ahead.

Not until the majority of non-member students are mobilized and organized in university and other issues can we say that UPLB student power is something to contend with. 

Nevertheless, the present unrest is a breakthrough from what we have known of our students’ apathy since four years ago. The UPI_B has, once more, woke up. The need to close ranks towards a common pursuit has gone a long way from being a mere idea, pondered, struggled and now realized. 

High hopes for the sustenance of these efforts! JJDR [P]


UPLB Perspective is the official student publication of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, established in 1973. It is the first campus publication established under Martial Law in the Philippines.

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