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Student institutions, organizations oppose Sanchez’s nomination as UP Prexy

Students' opposition is over Sanchez's "anti-constituent policies, notorious absences in dialogues, and lack of compassion and sense of urgency".

Former UPLB University Student Council (USC) Chairpersons declare opposition on the nomination of former UPLB Chancellor Dr. Fernando Sanchez, Jr. as the next UP President.

The opposition is over Sanchez’s “anti-constituent policies, notorious absences in dialogues, and lack of compassion and sense of urgency”.

The statement was signed by former USC Chairpersons Berto Alinea, Charm Maranan, Hasper Sunga, Patty Mayor, and Jainno Bongon.

Under Sanchez’s term as chancellor in 2018, cases of Maximum Residency Rule (MRR) and readmission amounted to over 600. Unregistered students were also barred from attending classes.

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The Student Academic Information System (SAIS) was also implemented under Sanchez’s term — a system that received backlash from students and faculty alike due to its various technical difficulties.

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Red-tagging was also a major issue under his term. In 2019, a supposed National Service Training Program (NSTP) forum led to state officials red-tagging legitimate progressive groups and individuals.

Student leaders urge the Board of Regents (BOR) to choose the nominee “who will genuinely safeguard and amplify the rights of its constituents.”

“The UP president must ensure and assert the safe spaces of students, faculty, staff, and the basic sectors. Beyond honor and excellence means upholding what it truly means to be a university of the people where academic freedom is generally experienced by everyone,” the former USC chairpersons’ statement read.

UPLB USC, University Freshman Council (UFC), College Student Councils (CSC), student organizations, and individuals expressed their opposition on Sanchez’s nomination.

A coalition, No More Chances, Sanchez, was established by UPLB students to enjoin and mobilize the whole UP System in campaigning against Sanchez’s nomination.

Sanchez is among six nominees vying to become the next UP President. Selection for the position will be done by the BOR on December 9. [P]

For more background about Sanchez, his mission and vision as a nominee, and his responses to critical questions during forums for UP Presidential nominees, follow this link.

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