About the UPLB Perspective

About the Publication

UPLB Perspective is the official student publication of the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Established in 1973 through the Council of Student Leaders, it is the first student publication to open during the Martial Law period. It succeeded Aggie Green and Gold, which is now the name of the publication of the College of Agriculture.

Currently in it’s 43rd year of service to the students, immediate communities, and the Southern Tagalog region, UPLB Perspective continues bringing relevant news, interesting features, thought-provoking culture analysis, and informed opinions from its line-up of editors, reporters, and writers for the students and the UPLB community.

Our inspiration is serving the people.

About uplbperspective.wordpress.com

uplbperspective.wordpress.com is the online home of UPLB Perspective. It first went online in 2010, and was revived in 2013.

uplbperspective.wordpress.com primarily serves as a platform for breaking news and developing stories happening in the University and nearby communities, and reports on recent events that students and the UPLB community need to know. It also publishes special features, culture analysis, and editorials on pressing issues in the campus and the nation.

Stay in touch with [P]:

Email: uplbperspective@gmail.com

Facebook: UPLB Perspective

Issuu: issuu.com/uplbperspective

Telegram: UPLB News

Twitter: @uplbperspective

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